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At RoadCall, we're committed to helping you start or grow your business in the trucking industry. Ebony (Gill) Stephens has worked in freight logistics for over 10 years, operating every aspect of a trucking company as a registered Carrier. She has a passion for trucking and helping others learn everything there is to know on how to start and succeed in this business. She has created a customized training course with the 3 key parts you'll need to know to run your own trucking company.


The training seminar at RoadCall is not like any other classes offered. 

We will teach you how to start your authority, register equipment properly, qualify drivers, secure freight, negotiate rates, dispatching, manage operations (payroll, IFTA, invoices, etc.), maintain compliance and safety regulations, and so much more! You will leave this class with all of the tools and resources you'll need to start and stay in the trucking business!



Our next class will be offered on July 8th & July 9th at the Marriott on 800 W Arrowood Road in CHARLOTTE, NC! 

Once registered, you will be contacted with all details and information. We can't wait to see you! 


About Road Call

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